9 creative ideas to keep only child engaged during quarantine

parents with baby in park

It’s a Difficult time where nationwide schools are experiencing closures, Thousands of employees are working from home, and hundreds of them have lost their jobs, we have received announcements to stay at home to control the spread of this Corona virus, In between all these Nationwide problems and difficulties, How are elders going to manage their only child?

Children are not allowed to go outside,  no visiting friends, No sports, NO this, and NO that, This situation can be equally challenging for kids to survive with these changes. The virus and the ways the virus is spreading is scary and has a negative effect on the child’s mind too.  

Here are few Ideas to Help you deal with the Social Distancing for your only kid:

No matter what age group of a child you have at home, activities can cheer them and social distancing can turn into an opportunity to build a deeper connection with you and your child while staying safe at home, and most importantly it can help your kid adapt to being independent even after quarantine ends.

Engagement with your Kid(Younger ones)

During Corona Isolation, activities for children can keep them engaged and happy even if they don’t step out. Just by following these small steps it’s not difficult anymore to handle only children during social distancing

Being Creative – Create a safari indoors with toys stuffed animals, plants, paper cutouts, or anything that makes the place green and increases the little one to be active and learn about the jungle.

Surprise Jar – Take plenty of water in colorful balloons and fill them with water, slime, glitter, or whatever you have on hand, Draw and create emojis that relate to different emotions. You can take inspiration from a movie named  “Inside Out”. There are colors and characters reflecting Joy, Anger, Sadness, Fear, and Disgust.  Explain to them what these feelings are, tell them how you feel today, and how they feel after playing.

Play tiny games like hide-and-seek or ludo or snake and ladder and make them feel always entertained.

Teach while snacking – Share a snack together and enjoy talking about the snack to your Lil one make him realize who cooked the snack for him, or how it was done If it an apple let him about farmers how they grow apples, how it reaches the store and so on, by this your giving your kid information every day which will be worthwhile memory.

Engagement with your Kid(Older ones)

Digital time – with friends, Call up your child’s friends and help them have a virtual play-date there are various apps, websites, and services like Zoom, Face Time, WhatsApp, Caribou and Marco Polo make it possible for video call, even though the kids don’t really play they share some good time and have a laugh with their friends. 

Letter writing – Teach your kids to write Greeting cards and mail letters to friends, this not only brings out their creativity but helps them improve their writing skills, which will help later in their later stages of life and in their career. Kids can also draw and show their talent.

Movie Night – Host a movie night and watch a movie with them. Now you can find many movies on Netflix and Amazon prime set apart some time with your child and watch movies along with some popcorn, I am sure they are going to love spending that time with you.

Self – Love and Self – Care – is very essential during Corona virus I understand taking care of your family is of primary importance, so taking care of yourself, It’s critical for you to also take care of yourself. Having some ME-time and Taking some time for your meditation can keep all your family members at peace and happiness, also this can be inculcated by your child bonding with you increases both emotionally and spiritually. And when your child sees you taking care of yourself, they will do the same.

Hugs – A child feels very warm and safe when hugged. Make this a practice, give hugs frequently and make your little one feel safe with you. Not only they feel safe they will understand the importance of touch. It’s often easy to give hugs to children when they are young. When they grow up they resist hugging, so constantly make an effort to establish a connection through a  hug.

You’re there for him – Your Child knows you are there for him. Whether you have an only child or many siblings around, your child knows you’re there for him or her. Just Keep hugging and wait for all these bad times to pass.

When you do all these tiny little things, I’m sure you will be happy and your only child will stay happy at home with all the homeschooling and online learning, kids will find the need to distance themselves. And Also social distancing doesn’t mean they have forget their friends and social life. Lastly, Just recognizing one thing and making your only child realize that social distancing is temporary. All the best and stay safe.